International Opportunities

International co-op work terms allow you to expand your horizons and industry networks as you immerse yourself in a new culture and new experiences.

Join the growing numbers of engineering co-op students who work internationally in over 20 countries each year. Our students work in mines in Australia, develop software in the US, plan roads in Peru and survey tunnels and dams in Japan. Our co-op coordinators are here to help you understand what’s involved when you accept an international work term. They can help you with visas, job descriptions and international orientations so that you are fully prepared to work internationally. While you’re working, our staff will maintain regular contact with both you and your employer.

Let us know you’re interested! If you are a current UBC Engineering Co-op Student and would like to begin the International Work Term job search process, please complete the following questionnaire. One of our Co-op Coordinators will contact you within the week to discuss your interest in International Co-op and next steps.

Working in the United States

If you’ll be working in the US for a co-op work term, you’ll need a J1 Visa before you can legally start working.  For information on how to obtain a J1 Visa, please visit Cultural Vistas, a non-profit organization that assists UBC Engineering Co-op with this process.

Interested in working in Japan?

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program is a Canadian university/college based, international co-op and internship program linking some of the best engineering, science, business and arts discipline undergraduate students from across the country with highly committed Japanese businesses. This program is open to students from universities and colleges across Canada and is currently administered from UBC.

If you are a Canadian university or college undergraduate student and are interested in learning more about The Canada-Japan Co-op Program, or if you are an employer in Japan and interested in hiring a student, please contact

Coordinated International Experience

Interested in other international opportunities?  Check out the other opportunities for gaining international experience, including attending classes at a university in Asia, Australia or Europe through our coordinated international experience.