University of Glasgow – 2017 Spring Semester

Student Story

by Justin Awrey

In Winter 2017 I studied at the University of Glasgow.  While I was expecting a semester filled with haggis and the Scottish highlands, my experience abroad turned out to be so much more.  The city of Glasgow’s slogan is “People make Glasgow”, and as I found this is absolutely true.  “Glasgwegians”, as they’re called, are some of the most friendly and easy to talk to people I’ve ever come to meet.  While Glasgow is not as glitzy as its sister city Edinburgh,  it is the perfect city for young people and more specifically students, to thrive.  The streets are filled with bars and nightclubs serving cheap drinks and the city is always alive. After living in Glasgow for 5 months, its safe to say that this city will always be special to me – even though I still can’t understand the thick Glaswegian accent.

All this being said, for myself the absolute number one best thing about going on exchange was the social aspect.  I lived in “Murano Street Student Villages” in a 12-person shared flat with one kitchen and three bathrooms.  Without a doubt, the people I met in the past 5 months are what I will miss most about my experience abroad.  The thing about going on exchange, is that the people you meet come from all around the world but come together under the common interest of exploration and travelling.  It’s safe to say that my experience abroad did not have a heavy focus on studying, but more of a focus on traveling and having fun with my like-minded roommates.

So for anyone thinking about going abroad, just do it.  You will meet so many amazing people and forge life-long friendships.  Studying abroad at the University of Glasgow is something I’ll never forget.