First Year Mentoring Program

First Year Mentoring Program

Participate in the UBC Faculty of Applied Science First Year Engineering Mentoring Program and learn more about different engineering disciplines, make new connections, and start developing your network. This is a great opportunity to explore where a career in engineering can take you.


The First-year Mentoring Program will connect you with academic and industry professionals. You will be able to learn more about where a career in engineering can take you.

Benefits for Mentees

As a mentee you will:

  • Learn about being an engineer
  • Understand different engineering disciplines
  • Build professional relationships with industry and peers
  • Make a professional development plan
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Connect with people working in the field


As a mentor you will support first-year undergraduate students who are trying to develop their professional skills. You will participate in an industry exploration event that all first year mentees attend, and/or an informational interview with a handful of students.

Benefits for Mentors

As a mentor you will:

  • Connect with the vibrant and dynamic engineering community at UBC
  • Be inspired by the enthusiasm of prospective engineers
  • Share your career experiences and lessons with students
  • Increase your understanding of the mentoring process and what it takes to be an effective mentor
  • Expand your network by meeting other industry professionals involved in the mentoring program
  • Be encouraged and recognized by Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Mentee Expectations

Your involvement will span the academic year, from October to March, and will require about 10 hours of your time over the year.

You are expected to:

  • Attend the industry exploration event
  • Build connections with industry and conduct at least one informational interview
  • Agree to and abide by the Mentoring Agreement and Code of Conduct

Mentor Expectations

Your involvement will be a one-time commitment – attend an industry exploration event. You will also have the option to do an informational interview with a handful of students.
You are expected to:

  • Attend the industry exploration event
  • Be available by phone and email to your program participants
  • Participate in an informational interview with a handful of first year student mentees

Apply HERE to be a mentee

Apply HERE to be a mentor

Applications for the 2019-2020 First Year Engineering Mentoring Program are now open!
If you have any questions about the mentoring program, please contact

Important Dates

Dates are tentative & subject to change

September 30, 2019: Application Deadline
October 7, 2019: Student Mentee Workshop
November 7, 2019: First Year Networking and Discipline Exploration Event
February 13, 2020: Student Mentee Professional Development Workshop
March 31, 2020:  Mentoring Closing Event- CANCELLED due to COVID-19 social distancing measures

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be selected for this program?

Students will be selected based on the quality of responses in their application.

What is the matching process between mentors and mentees?

The First Year Mentoring Program is an introductory program where students have the opportunity to learn more about different engineering disciplines, build connections with industry, and develop their networking skills.

What would I do with my mentor?

Mentees and Mentors are not matched into groups. But we strongly encourage students to make connections during the events and contact mentors of their choosing after the events to meet for informational interviews and/or company tours.

What are the backgrounds of mentors in this program?

Our mentors come from a wide range of engineering backgrounds and a variety of industries – anything from biomedical engineering to mining as well as anything from consulting, research, startup life, public sector, finance, etc.!

What kind of support will I receive during this program?

Students accepted into the program are required to attend a mandatory orientation session which will be a useful resource preparing students for the program. We also have career advising sessions and online resources.

What are some of the ways a mentor can help me?

Mentors can provide insight into the different engineering disciplines and what may be a good fit for you for your 2nd year placement. They can also provide advice as to what is the best way to gain more experience, how to navigate university and the life beyond university.


Here’s what program participants shared about the 2018-2019 First Year Mentoring Program!

  • “It was really helpful in identifying my future goals and opportunities, and provided information on things I would have not tried to do otherwise.”
  • It was a good career experience that was different from the academics that come with studying engineering.”
  • “I’ve definitely made some great connections which all returned really friendly to my emails!”