The Super Application

The Super Application

The Super Application 2020-21 consists of a Qualtrics survey and Excel files and combines 5 previously separate funding applications into one. Each student group will have up to five students funds to apply to. To learn more about these funds and determine which funds your student group can apply to, please see the flowchart and timeline below.

COVID-19 Update: Please note dates below are subject to change, as we will be updating this page with additional information regarding Online Operations Plans. Please keep checking this website for updates! 

The Super Application Qualtrics:

Start your Super Application here at the Qualtrics Survey. Please download the necessary templates below to upload in the survey.

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  1. The Student Groups
  2. The Key Dates
  3. The Super Application Files and Links
  4. The Resources

The Student Groups

The application encompasses student groups who fall under the following categories:

  • Engineering Design Teams
  • Student Clubs/Associations
    • EUS affiliated, EUS Program Club, EUS Ex-Officio Club, Professional Chapter
    • Faculty-Supported Equity Seeking Student Groups
  • Other
    • eg. independent student projects

**Graduate student groups and students seeking funding for travel & conferences are not covered under this application**

The Key Dates:

  • The SuperApp will open on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020.
  • The SuperApp will close on 11:59pm PDT Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.
  • The SuperApp decisions will start being communicated on, Friday, October 30th, 2020.

The Templates

Throughout the Super Application Qualtrics, you will be asked to upload completed templates regarding student group registration and funding. The following templates are listed below for you to complete.

  1. Engineering Design Teams Registration V1.2 (This is an updated version with the “Team Roster” and “Finance (Previous Year)” sheets fixed.)
  2. Basic Information – Clubs, Associations and Other
  3. E-IDEAS Registration
  4. Inclusion and Accessibility Plan
  5. Remote Work Plan
  6. Sponsorship Package (Optional)
  7. Funding Application – PAF_2020_21 V3.1 (This is an updated version with several sheets fixed.)
  8. Funding Application – Non PAF
  9. ANSYS License Request Template

The Forms/Links

  1. SuperApp Qualtrics Survey
  2. SuperApp Handbook 2020-21
  3. SuperApp Flowchart and Timeline
  4. PAF Guidelines
  5. Student Competition Team Final Report
  6. Shell Experiential Learning Fund: The application is open September 2020. You can use the external link to apply.

The Resources

  • In previous years, the Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) was a one-day in-person event – however, to adhere to remote working guidelines, the SLS 2020 will consist of a series of online workshops tailored to prepare APSC student leaders, execs, and team leads for their roles in the upcoming year.
  • Tuesday, September 8 – Saturday, September 12th
    • Mandatory Canvas modules to be completed
  • Sunday, September 13th
    • Live Zoom Q&A Sessions for each topic
  • For any questions or concerns, please contact